Re: Problems running Squid on Cygwin (Was Re: Possible problem on HEAD)

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 09:30:26 +0100

Hi Robert,

Il 01.44 23/12/2001 Robert Collins ha scritto:
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>From: "Guido Serassio" <>
> > Hi,
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> > I found some problems running Squid on latest Cygwin (1.3.6-6):
> >
> > - The cygwin-svc code can't start at boot time as a service. Starting
> > manually works fine. On cygwin mailing list, I have just found other
> > with similar problems running inetd with cygrunsrv. This is a Cygwin
> > it seems to be fixed adding a "LanmanWorkstation" service dependency
> > Squid to delay the service start ..., but Squid doesn't use
> > LanmanWorkstation functionality.
>Some services needs to depend on lanmanworkstation because setuid
>capability will invoke NT SAM calls - that use LanMan to authenticate in
>a domain. For squid, TCPIP should be a good enough dependency. Having no
>dependency will cause failures.

I know this very good: in the Cygwin-svc code I have already set a Tcpip &
Afd dependency like Apache service. But, with the latest Cygwin, Squid
service no more starts, and ONLY in NT eventlog I can found time-out
events, so Squid code doesn't start. Please note that the some service code
with Tcpip & Afd dependency runs very fine in the NT 2.3 branch.

I think that cygwin1.dll try to make some new long initialization (or it
wait for the start of some service), but it can't signal anything to
service control manager because it doesn't know to run as a service. This
morning Squid doesn't start at boot again, even with LanmanWorkstation
dependency, with the same time-out errors.

So may be that this cygwin1.dll CAN'T run as a service at boot time
(remember same problems on Cygwin mailing list).

> > - Often Squid jumps to 100 % CPU, stopping to respond. The only fix is
> > kill it. With the URL
> >,1007,95669,00.html and using
> > the problem seems to be reproducible. Henrik has already tested this
>URL on
> > another platform without problems. I have tested this address using
> > same clients configured with an Alpha Linux 2.5 Squid, and, again, all
> > works fine, so this seems to be another Cygwin issue.
>If you can find where it's stopping (prehaps by running under gdb) that
>would help debug me get it corrected in cygwin.

I will try to find for you what system calls hangs.


Serassio Guido
Via Albenga, 11/4 10134 - Torino - ITALY
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