Re: includes inside squid.conf

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 10:45:12 +0200

On Tuesday 02 April 2002 16:32, STARYNKEVITCH Basile wrote:

> We could add a patch to make the configure file optionally
> preprocessed by an external command. A solution could be that if
> the configure path (usually /etc/squid.conf) starts with a '!' then
> it is a command to be piped. The patch is really trivial:

Nice approach. I too like this better than my proposal with a
separate option for the preprocessor. But there is a small problem
here.. ! is a special character in many UNIX shells, making it hard
to use from the command line.. (needs to be quoted in ' quotes) so I
added | as an alternative character.

What is remaining now is #line parsing.. trivial.. done.

Revised patch at the same location as before:

When using m4 you should specify the options -E and -s to m4..

   squid -f '!m4 -E -s /etc/squid.conf'

Error reporting won't be correct without these options.

> Another possibility would be to adopt some XML syntax for Squid
> configuration file. (This might make its generation cleaner).

Not for Squid-2.. maybe if Squid-3 ever gets off the ground but XML
is probably overly complex for this thing.. A Squid configuration
does not have much of a hierarchy, and XML is best suited for
hierarchically structured data.

Any hierarchical structure superimposed on the Squid configuration
only limits the usefullness of it I think.

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