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From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 19:07:26 +1000

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> Solaris does have vfork for a pretty long time now, but
> child after vfork shares all memory with parent and should
> not muck around with it until exec. I'm not sure how much
> freedom this leaves to setup FDs properly and close unneeded
> files. As I understand it for now, we'd need to write
> forking code with special considerations for vfork. I have
> no experience on that matter. posix_spawn does not exist in sol8

The vfork+exec combination is ancient - it dates from unices without
copy-on-write fork().

If squid opens all the FD's with close-on-exec set, then to emulate
posix_spawn we can write

(roughly speaking)

squid_spawn (prog, argc, argv, fdc, fdarray);

int squid_spawn(prog, argc, argv, fdc, fdarray)
  // use fddup to 'backup' current fd's from 0 to fdc-1
  // use fddup to copy the fdarray contents to 0->fdc-1
  // vfork
  // in parent
    // restore fd's
  // in child
    // exec()

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