Re: Squid-2.6 merge fest, and policy (cleanup time)

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 20:32:41 -0600

Adrian Chadd wrote:
>>What I see as more or less immediate merge candidates for 2.6:
>> * chunked mem pools
> Please. Shall I do this over the weekend? It certainly _looks_
> stable enough. :-)

I couldn't crash it with a polymix-4. Both commloops and
chunked_mempools seems to have a harder time during fills than the older
Squids, but otherwise performance is very much equivelent.

Just thought I'd throw in my limited experience. I'll get the benchmark
results posted shortly.

>> * external_logger, but only as an option...
>> * range processing, currently disabled in HEAD..
> This may be tricky to do without my next couple of changes to
> -HEAD to support this. Actually, when I manage to split out the
> http headers from the body, this suddenly becomes _much_ nicer
> to do.

Doesn't this also make te (among other inline content trickery) much easier?

I'd like to see ranges back as soon as possible--in accelerators this
can have a huge impact. (Flashget and such can destroy hit ratio
without it.)

Joe Cooper <>
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