Re: Squid-2.6 merge fest, and policy (cleanup time)

From: Adrian Chadd <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 17:59:37 -0700

> What I see as more or less immediate merge candidates for 2.6:
> * chunked mem pools

Please. Shall I do this over the weekend? It certainly _looks_
stable enough. :-)

> * satellite enhancements, for more efficient peerings over large RTT
> links
> * winbind

Is the samba winbind API ready?

> * carp
> * ssl-nohttp
> * cbdata
> * rcdata, and to clean up relevant pieces of the code to use this in
> favor of abusing cbdata..
> * unix_sockets
> * external_acl
> * etag (currently broken due to the store API changes, and some of
> it will need to be rewritten again in 2.7)

Oops. :)

> * cf_preprocess
> and I know some of you would like to see rproxy merged, but I will
> intentionally keep this as a patch for now. Maybe in 2.7.

Ok. Any particular reason why?

> Branches & features I'd like to see as 2.6 merge candidates, but
> which I am not sure about their status:
> * te + te_modules.

This is a lot more feasible with my store API changes, but I'd
hang off until the HTTP requests/replies are seperated from the
body in the client<->server data flow path.

> * authinfo (needs rewrite to fit new auth model)
> * ipv6

How ready is this?

> * external_logger, but only as an option...
> * range processing, currently disabled in HEAD..

This may be tricky to do without my next couple of changes to
-HEAD to support this. Actually, when I manage to split out the
http headers from the body, this suddenly becomes _much_ nicer
to do.

> For 2.7 I'd like to see at least
> * Store rewritten to use async lookups, and per-directory index
> capabilities (hint: CARP:ify the store lookups)
> * compactsentry, to further reduce the memory overhead of the store
> index (whatever being left of it after the store reorganisation)

Well, there'll be an in-memory index - but only if you choose to
build one. :-) UFS/AUFS/DISKD in their current form will be supported
and will use the index, and if for some reason you wanna keep one
in memory to support 100% accurate ICP replies, again, cool.

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