Re: HEAD does not compile cleanly

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 16:34:16 +0100


Il 16.00 06/04/2002 Henrik Nordstrom ha scritto:
>Due to unclean pointer arithmetic in the chunked mempools
>implementation HEAD no longer compiles cleanly.
>When you develop Squid code, please make use of as many warning
>options of the compiler as possible, and don't accept any warnings.
>Attached you can find the script I use to compile Squid during
>development. It sets most warning options of GCC-2.x that can be
>applied without too many "false" warnings in the base Squid code, and
>uses a less strict set when compiling the auth helpers..
>To use the script you need to adjust the paths at the top of the
>1. prefix, the prefix under where your compiled Squid's will be
>installed. (each in it's own directory).
>2. srcdirs, a list of directories where you keep your Squid source
>trees. The script searches this list until it finds the requested
>Note: The script always builds using a separate object directory, and
>it assumes the sources is bootstrapped.

Compiling Squid 2.5 on Microsoft VC I get 144 warning errors, many are
signed/unsigned mismatch, some comes from Windows/unix compatibility
problems, but some others seems to come from heavy type conversion (long to
char, double to int, etc).

If some somebody thinks that this can be useful, I can generate a report about.



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