Re: HEAD does not compile cleanly

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 17:43:30 +0200

On Saturday 06 April 2002 17:34, Guido Serassio wrote:

> Compiling Squid 2.5 on Microsoft VC I get 144 warning errors, many
> are signed/unsigned mismatch, some comes from Windows/UNIX
> compatibility problems, but some others seems to come from heavy
> type conversion (long to char, double to int, etc).
> If some somebody thinks that this can be useful, I can generate a
> report about.

It is. Many of these are portability issues that need to be addressed
sooner or later. In fact, I would not be too surprised if several of
these cause the code to compile incorrectly using Microsoft VC. But
many are likely to be harmless.

The problem with leaving what looks like harmless warnings is that
you then don't notice the less harmless ones, like what happened with
HEAD today.. There was about 10 warnings detected when I tried to
build Squid today. At least 3 was bugs, and the rest had portability
issues if Squid is compiled on 64 bit architectures etc. I don't
think even one was harmless.

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