Re: HEAD does not compile cleanly

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 17:53:54 +0100

Hi Henrik,

Il 16.43 06/04/2002 Henrik Nordstrom ha scritto:

>It is. Many of these are portability issues that need to be addressed
>sooner or later. In fact, I would not be too surprised if several of
>these cause the code to compile incorrectly using Microsoft VC. But
>many are likely to be harmless.
>The problem with leaving what looks like harmless warnings is that
>you then don't notice the less harmless ones, like what happened with
>HEAD today.. There was about 10 warnings detected when I tried to
>build Squid today. At least 3 was bugs, and the rest had portability
>issues if Squid is compiled on 64 bit architectures etc. I don't
>think even one was harmless.

This is the VC compiler output filtered of all WIN32 stuff when compiling
Line numbers are different respect s2_5 on some files (comm.c,
comm_select.c, main.c, store_dir_ufs.c and others).

Looking the errors, I have made some consideration:

- __int64 errors: In Windows stat.st_size is a int64 but Squid use it as
int (store_dir_ufs.c, store_io_ufs.c, errorpage.c, net_db.c)
- sb unreferenced errors: Windows doesn't have S_ISREG, so the sb related
variable is unreferenced (store_dir_ufs.c, logfile.c)

If You like, I can build a patch for the previous (and eventually others)

- an int cast when using stat.st_size as an int for the first
- a #ifdef S_ISREG - #endif encapsulation for the second




Serassio Guido
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