Re: Hi there

From: Yee Man Chan <>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 13:56:59 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Alex

   I just finished reading the ICAP/1.0 spec.

   After reading it, I got two questions:
1. How does squid (or an ICAP client) know where and
which ICAP server to contact when it receives a
request from an HTTP client?
2. How does squid (or an ICAP client) know a request
from an HTTP client requires request modification
(REQMOD) or response modification (RESPMOD)?

   It seems to me major vendors are going to adopt
ICAP, so I guess we should go this route instead to do
content processing.

   So who is that person who posted a patch? Is he/she
here? Maybe we can CC to him/her, so that he can join
the discussion.

Yee Man

--- Alex Rousskov <>
> IIRC, a few days ago, somebody posted a patch to
> enable ICAP support
> in Squid. Many, if not most, content processing can
> be done via ICAP
> servers. IMO, whatever can be done via ICAP, should
> be done outside of
> Squid to keep the core code from bloating further.
> Alex.

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