Re: ??:Re: Puzzled at "storeKeyPublic" and "storeKeyText"

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 08:26:38 +0200

On Wednesday 17 April 2002 07:22, wrote:

> I am a newbie of Squid. I start programming with
> C/C++ three and a half years ago. How long do you think
> it will take me to be familiar with most part of the source?

The trick is not to know all the source, the trick is to know the
coding style in which Squid is written and how to use search tools to
find where to look when needing to find out a small detail.

One tool I often use is grep.

   grep -rC IN_MEMORY .

and if that isn't sufficient to tell what I am looking for

   vi `grep -rl IN_MEMORY .`

and then do more detailed searches with the editor (I am using vi as

I have been involved in Squid since 1996, and I cannot claim I know
all parts of the source, but I am familiar with the style in which
Squid is written, allowing me to read the code when needed.

> The source codes really puzzle me for the first week. Now it
> is better but still have some troubles. :-)

We all have troubles every now and then. Squid is written by many
persons over a long period of time, so not all parts are done in the
same manner.

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