Re:Re: ??:Re: Puzzled at "storeKeyPublic" and "storeKeyText"

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:51:19 +0200

On Wednesday 17 April 2002 08:52, wrote:

> Your reply helps a lot and gives me a light. :-)
> Now I want to take several days to make myself familiar
> with the basic data structures (for example, StoreClient)
> and basic functions (for example, clientProcessRequest).

Ignore the internal StoreClient data structures. This is not anything
important for understanding Squid. Instead concentrate on how to use
a StoreClient by reading the code in client_side.c. You only need to
know what a StoreClient represents, not the details of how it is
composed. This also applies to most other structures. The details of
the structures is only needed when working on that specific piece of
code, and then the tools shown before will give you the needed
information when you need it..

Understanding clientProcessRequest and it's related code threads in
client_side.c is a very important step. If you manage to understand
these then you have understood most of the coding style in Squid. But
unfortunately client_side.c is a bit of a messy place to start.

I would probably recommend starting by reading a server side
protocol, such as http.c. Starting with httpStart(). This gets called
with a fwdState containing mainly three important pieces of

  a) A filedescriptor that is connected to the HTTP server
  b) A request_t, containing the request to send.
  c) The StoreEntry to where the reply should be sent internally
within Squid.

The overall style in coding is mostly the same, but not by far as
messy as client_side.c.

> Then I will read the rest details, maybe the MD5 algorithm etc.

Same thing for MD5. You do not need to know the mathematics of MD5,
only what it does. MD5 calculates a 16 bytes fixed size key from
arbitrary amount of input data. The same input data will always
result in the same 16 bytes, and the likelyhood that two different
combinations of input data ends up as the same 16 output bytes is
extremely low.

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