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From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 21:16:22 +0200

On Friday 19 April 2002 15:00, Geetha Manjunath wrote:
> The procedure is absolutely simple!!! Thanks to your scripts...


> Can I straight way use this for other projects? Any 'customization'
> is required? (I haven't looked into the scripts yet ;-)

The scripts are mostly generic is released in the public domain. Also
used by the Cygwin project, maybe others.

The decision to make the script "public domain" is intentional to
avoid any possible conflict in interest in copyrights etc if the
scripts is used in another project or redistributed.

> Also, I plan to maintain the developer version of squid-icap client
> in its current sf project site and release it to main squid site at
> regular intervals. Do you see any problems with this? Any
> suggestions/advice for this setup?

It is up to you, but the scripts works best if done the other way.
You work in the CVS branch version, and then publish patches. See the
cvsmkpatch script (especially the purpose of the second optional

When I get some extra time I plan on making some additional scripts
to ease porting och changes. For example to maintain in parallell
more than one version of a patch for different versions of Squid,
without risking inconsistency between the parallell patch versions. I
find that this is an increasing task by time.. Currently the issue of
not having such scripts causes some developments to be carried out
using another version than the current development version of Squid,
possibly risking that the development will have a hard time integrate
with later Squid versions.

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