Re: Sorry for interrupting again

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 17:57:42 +0200

Both are just minor variants of "doing".


On Saturday 20 April 2002 16:33, wrote:
> Thanks, Henrik pal!
> I take some more time look at the codes, I still puzzled about
> the meaning of the two words, "pending something" and "doing
> something". For example, store_copying and copy_event_pending. I
> think the former means the copy event is doing now, the latter
> means for some reason, the copy event can not continue. Am I
> correct?
> If I am not correct? Can you give me a simple explanation?
> I still have a question, I think disk_io_pending means for some
> reason the disk can not be read/written. Am I corrrect? But, how
> can this case happen? Can you give me a simple example in Squid?

It means there is disk I/O needing to get done.

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