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Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 21:35:47 +0800 (CST)

Thanks, David pal!

For example, I think copy_event_pending means for some reason
we can not copying now and the copying task will be execute in

And store_copying means we are copying.
(copy_event_pending and store_copying are members of storeclient.flag)

Am I correct?

Best regards,
George Ma

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> If something is "pending", you are waiting for it to happen or complete.
> In terms of the English language, "pending":
> 1. Doesn't mean the process in question has necessarily started
> (if something is "pending completion" then it has started, if
> it is just "pending", then it might not yet have started)
> 2. Implies there is a point where something will complete.
> If you are merely "doing" something, it may not necessarily complete.
> In terms of squid, "pending" is generally used when you are waiting for
> something to start, or waiting for something to complete.
> David.
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