Re: Puzzled at storeAppend. :-(

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 18:01:49 +0200 wrote:

> I am puzzled at storeAppend. At the end of the function,
> storeSwapOut(e) is called. I think storeSwapOut is used to swap
> an object from memory to disk. Does that mean when data is appended
> to a StoreEntry by storeAppend, the StoreEntry is always finally swapped
> out?

If the entry is being swapped out then the data will be swapped out as it is
appended, roughtly.. (storeSwapOut does not always trigger a actual swapout
to disk).

> I do not think so. I think storeSwapOutAble will judge whether the
> StoreEntry will be swapped out. Am I correct?


> But I do not understand how storeSwapOutAble judge whether the StoreEntry
> will be written to disk.

By the rules in storeSwapOutAble.. which of them do you not understand?

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