Re: My opinions on nocache and nocache_hack. :-)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 09:43:25 +0200 wrote:
> Hi, pals!
> After reading severals of source codes, I think nocache_hack is
> the same as nocache if HTTP_VIOLATIONS is defined. I have met
> with serveral cases where we treat the two variables the same if
> HTTP_VIOLATIONS is defined.
> Am I correct?

Not entirely. nocache_hack is a special mode of dealing with no_cache.
See the following code segment from client_side.c where the two flags
are set in the request:

    if (no_cache) {
        if (Config.onoff.reload_into_ims)
            request->flags.nocache_hack = 1;
        else if (refresh_nocache_hack)
            request->flags.nocache_hack = 1;
            request->flags.nocache = 1;

Config.onoff.reload_into_ims and refresh_nocache_hack depends on your
squid.conf configuration (reload_into_ims, or the use of no-cache
related options to refresh_pattern).

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