Re: AW: Christian Kunst - Squid iCAP Client

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: 03 Jun 2003 19:04:58 +0200

tis 2003-06-03 klockan 17.12 skrev Christian Kunst:

> I sent my request for subscription to the squid-dev mailinglist.

To subscribe you need to send a message to If you have already sent such
message please send it again as it seems it may have been lost.

See for details
and policy of the squid-dev list.

> I already have a SourceForge account. But it is only a web account,
> and I can't access the ssh CVS with it. The account name is: "ckunst".

To access CVS your first need to become member of the project you want
to access..

You now have CVS access to the Squid project. It is recommended you
upload your SSH key to your account for CVS, saving your from having to
type the password on each CVS operation.

Then see for instructions and rules on how
to access the Squid developer CVS tree. If you have any questions post
them here on squid-dev and we will try to help you.

> From your e-mail, I understood that you are developing the 2.5 branch
> of the iCAP client.

I am only fixing up some issues seen when reading the patch. The bulk of
the ICAP client is developed by Geetha Manjunath with help from Ralf

> Do you need some help, maybe in testing and debugging for first? If
> yes, then I'll be glad if I can help you!

Help is needed in all areas. There is many small things still missing in
the Squid-2.5 ICAP client, and a lot of testing to do.

I am trying to keep some notes on

> Regarding the 3.0 branch, I understood that the software architecture
> of squid has changed, and it is also not C anymore, but C++,


A lot of the code is still "C" code however, merely translated to C++
syntax, but gradually more and more is refactored into an OO

As a guideline each area of the Squid code extended in Squid-3 (the C++
version of Squid) is refactored into C++ and cleaned up design to get
rid of many ugly things which have grown onto the old C code over the

> which is great for me, because I have much more experience in OOP as
> with structured programming ( although I programed in C during my
> "Uni" period, back in '92-'97, since then I've programmed mostly in
> C++ and Java ).

Very Good.

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