Implementing new algorithm in squid

From: Hendy Harsono <>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 21:41:26 -0700


I am trying to implement a new algorithm in the squid to minimize the
download latency. The algorithm is a cost based algorithm:

BV = (Cost/Size)*Pr+Age => BV is the key for the heap

Pr=(Pf^(1/a))/((Log10Size)^b), where Pf=Df+1/Df

Pf: Conditional probability of reaccessing
Df= Number of documents which has been referred at least f times
a= Zipf like distribution
b= Weight of Size factor
Cost will be download latency (to minimize download latency) or 2+size/256
(to minimize bandwidth usage)

1. May i know how can i get the download latency info for a particular
object and how many objects which has been referred at least f times?
2. From which file should i start to trace the codes?
   In the programmin guides,
   A client connection is accepted by the client-side socket support and
parsed, or is directly created via clientBeginRequest.
   I started from main.c but can not find the any method called to receive
request or something..

3. What files should i change to implement the new algorithm besides

Thank you for the help.

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