Re: Incorrect authentication pop-up with NTLM

From: Serassio Guido <>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 22:45:40 +0200

Hi Henrik,

At 22.13 14/09/2003, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

>On Sun, 14 Sep 2003, Serassio Guido wrote:
> > When loading a ftp:// URL, Internet Explorer pop-ups to me for
> > authentication for every internal Squid Icons. This seems to happen always
> > after a browser cache clear.
>The requests for the icons are most likely in another authentication
>realm, assuming you have configured your browser to go direct for local

Yes, it go direct for local servers.

>With NTLM this should not be a problem as the authentication should be
>transparent to the user, but it is a noticeable problem when using Basic
>What you say seems to indicate there is additional NTLM bugs in Squid in
>how it handles NTLM on accelerated requests, which is slightly different
>from normal proxied requests.

So, I'm very lucky ... :-)

Any hints ?



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