Re: A policy question

From: Tsantilas Christos <>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 22:06:04 +0300

Alex Rousskov wrote:

> FWIW, the above drweb behavior is compliant with ICAP. Conection:
> keep-alive
> does not (and cannot) guarantee that the connection will remain open
> after
> the ICAP response is sent.


> Not using persistent connections with a given ICAP server would also
> be compliant with ICAP. Persistent connections are optional.

I made a first implementation uisng an extra option to icap_service
option in squid.conf:

        icap_service servicename vectoring_point bypass service_url

But after that I spent time to correct some reported bugs and I did not
finish it.
I must look on it again and make some clean-ups.

> Have you tried asking drweb folks whether there is something Squid can do
> to prevent them from closing the connection?

No I did not.
But the DRweb team had post a patch to squid mailing list
for squid-icap in which had modify the code to always closing the
So, I believe that drweb-icapd requires closing the connection.

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