Re: A policy question

From: Tsantilas Christos <>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 17:51:21 +0300

Alex Rousskov wrote:

> That seems likely, however the comments about the patch seem to imply
> that drweb ICAP server does send "Connection: close". Here is a quote:
> if ICAP daemon does not support persistent connection and
> answers with 'Connection: Close' squid can stop receiving the
> document from
> a network and send the cut (without the ending) document to the
> client.
I read again their mail. Here they talk about a diferent problem. I do
not believe
that this problem exists any more. When they wrote this mail the preview
completely did not worked and several problems existed. But this mail
maybe explains why drweb always responce whith "Connection: keep-alive"
at least for linux version of drweb-icapd...

However, my network sniffer and the debugging info from squid says that
the drweb-icapd
 always responce with "Connection: keep-alive".
Moreover the squid code about keep-alive/close connections works OK
If it gets "Connection: close" always closes the connection after
otherwise it holds the connection for later use. (I tested again and
again until I made
c-icap to operate correctly with keep-alived connections.)

I tried to found if drweb-icap sends some extra bytes after transaction but
it does not, it simply closes the connection.
I examined again today and yes I am sure about that.

Moreover I remember that sometimes, some connections blocked, and
remained inactive,
untill expired after a period. I am not sure about that becouse I played
with squids code
when I tested and maybe it was something wrong with squid.

Tomorrow (8-Apr-05) the licence for drweb will expire, so no more tests
with it :-( ......

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