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From: Andrey Shorin <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 02:46:46 +0400

Hello Serassio,

Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 13:08:09, Serassio Guido wrote:

>>Now I plan to port diskd filesystem to Windows.
>>Andrey Shorin
>>System/Web Administration Consultant

SG> Welcome on board again !!!

SG> They are currently some Squid aspect that needs more work in the Windows
SG> port. some of they could be integrated in Squid 3.0, in priority order they
SG> are:

SG> - Integration of Windows and Unix IPC models (partially done from Robert, a
SG> blocker for complete Squid 3.0 integration)
Could you please be more specific on this?

SG> - Override the 2048 FD limit
Unmortunately, I forgot already what is the case of this limit...

SG> and native socket handling (could go in 3.1)
Do you mean getting rid of such macros:
#define read(fd,buf,siz) \
    (_so_err_siz = sizeof(_so_err), \
    getsockopt((fd),SOL_SOCKET,SO_ERROR,&_so_err,&_so_err_siz) \
    == 0 ? recv((fd),(buf),(siz),0) : _read((fd),(buf),(siz)))

I see there is already 'type' member in struct _fde and FD_SOCKET
enum constant. We could do something like this:
#define read _w32_read
int _w32_read(int fd, char* buf, int siz)
    switch (fd_table[fd].type) {
    case FD_FILE:
        return _read(fd, buf, siz);
    case FD_SOCKET:
        return recv(fd, buf, siz, 0);

SG> - Native Windows optimized Disk I/O (could go in 3.1)
Em... Have no idea on what do you mean ;)

SG> - Native transparent proxy support (not so critical)
We need a driver here. Hopefully wipfw (
has it. I'll try to dig into sources (and obtain DDK btw).

Best regards,
 Andrey Shorin
System/Web Administration Consultant
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