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From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 02:43:55 +1300

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s=C3=B6n 2007-01-07 klockan 03:46 +0000 skrev Amos Jeffries:
> =20
> + #if INET6
> + #include <arpa/inet.h>
> + #endif
> +=20

Isn't the above an contradiction?
[ hehe. Mebe yes, mebe no. ]

> =20
> typedef struct IN_ADDR SIA;
> + /* FIXME INET6 warning(error): 'struct in_addr' declared inside paramet=
er list */
> SQUIDCEXTERN int safe_inet_addr(const char *, struct in_addr *);
> #ifdef INET6

in_addr should be IN_ADDR everywhere I think. From what I could tell the
ipv6 branch switches to using exclusively IPv6 addresses everywhere,
which is fine considering that IPv4 is included in the IPv6 address

[ I thought so from earlier posts and a quick check of the code. That
specific compile error shows the conversion was not complete for some reason
I have not looked into yet. The #include solves it for the compiler but I
left a /*FIXME*/ there marking it. Seems to be part of the initial defines
for the dual-IN_ADDR part.


Also the sizeof magic you added in rfc1035.c can not work.. It's always
an in6_addr, but might contain an IPv4 address in IPv6 format..

[ Yah, thats why I have two sets of #IF INET6 ... around both parts of the
sizeof magic. And a FIXME its borked. ]

A more significant problem is in the A lookup. It currently only does
AAAA lookup in IPv6 more, should try both AAAA and A if I am not

[ ah, yes, that was kind of what I was trying for, but from the wrong
Still its better with a proper AAAA now than looking up as it was before.


[ arg, I hate OE's reply quoting,

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