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From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 01:06:01 +0100

mån 2007-01-08 klockan 11:57 -0800 skrev foomail123:

> Question:
> I see:
> 10223345 Jan 8 11:07 src/squid
> on x86, Linux 2.x.

File size is no good indication of memory footprint. Use the size

sbin/squid includes not only code+data but also debug information. You
can remove the debug information with the strip command if needed in

> I am looking for a way to make the image footprint
> as small as possible. I need *only* proxy
> functionality.

It's hard to disable the entire cache as it's integral to the operation
of Squid, but a simple "cache deny all" directive in squid.conf goes
quite far, and to build Squid with only the "nulL" store.

But to get minimal runtime memory footprint you will need to modify
parts of the code, axing away things you don't need. The most
significant once cache has been disabled is the statistics history,
which you probably don't need at all..


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