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>> I have always hoped than some other developer with a more strong C++
>> knowledge will try to fix them, but this was never happened: all
>> Squid 3 peoples seems to like more the development of new features
>> instead of fixing bugs.
>> As example: I have arranged the TPROXY forward port done by Steven in
>> November, but no one of the Squid 3 supporters seems to have tested
>> it giving any kind of feedback, a little disappointing ... :-(
>> So, sometimes I ask to me "why I'm still wasting my time on
>> Squid 3 ?".
> I know this is a minor problem, but I had problems getting the squid3
> script to run, so I couldn't test the patch. I'm pretty sure
> it's got something to do with the version of automake and autoconf on my
> system, but I couldn't find a reference to which versions I needed for
> squid3.
> I really think that if squid3 needs a specific version of these programs
> for
> the script to run, then the script should check for the
> required version. From what I can tell the current script looks for a
> range
> of versions, most of which will not work.
> Can anyone tell me which versions of automake / autoconf are required for
> squid3?
> Steven

Okay, I had several bootstrap problems myself due to those apps.

Unfortunately it only shows you the versions (both expected and found)
_after_ it has located all the needed apps.

If you can't see any details about the version it is looking for and the
one it found. Then you do not have one of the apps installed.

I do not presently have immediate access to my squid test machine so I
can't give any more details for now. Give it a closer look and bets of

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