Re: HEAD website projects.html,1.307,1.308

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 01:06:25 +0100

tis 2007-03-20 klockan 11:57 +1200 skrev

> I went:
> cvs -q update
> cvs commit
> without noticing that the update had created a merge-clash patch for the
> changes you had made.

Did it? If there is conflicts then "cvs update" says so, and they get
clearly marked in the file with

and cvs commit even usually refuses to commit the result..

> When I found the .# patch file with your updates I checked and merged my
> update into that and replace the bad one temporarily committed.

The .# files is backups your old working copy.. gets saved each time cvs
edits files in your working directory.

> Why there was a merge-clash on every 'changesets' alteration in the first
> place I still don't know. The only real clash was both of us altering the
> squid3-ipv6 'view patch' line.

Hmm.. couldn't see any change there apart from a space character added
where it doesn't belong. Please verify that it's correct, and fix it
otherwise. But please fix it by editing the file in place and not by
reverting to an old backup..


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