Re: Download time issue: Squid 2.6

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 21:25:23 +0100

tis 2007-03-20 klockan 19:40 +0100 skrev Thomas-Martin Seck:

> Ack! Please address this, either by fixing the bugs or if this is not
> possible for whatever reason by telling users about them. I'll stick a
> big red warning sign to the port, too if needed.

The main problem in fixing these is that there is no developers actively
working on the Squid-2 ICAP patch, just barely enough to maintain it.
Additionally the approach taken by the patch in how to hook in the data
flows is considered a bit of a dead end not encouraging it to be
actively developed much further..

We would all love to see a stable and fully ICAP capable Squid. And at
the moment Squid-3 is the most promising for this I think.


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