Re: Download time issue: Squid 2.6

From: Thomas-Martin Seck <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 19:40:21 +0100

* Tsantilas Christos (

> Thomas-Martin Seck wrote:
> >
> > That's tricky -- I'd love to give FreeBSD users a somewhat well defined
> > way to use Squid+ICAP but it seems I am out on a limb here.
> The icap patch for squid has 1-2 known bugs which in some cases causes
> crashes to squid.

Ack! Please address this, either by fixing the bugs or if this is not
possible for whatever reason by telling users about them. I'll stick a
big red warning sign to the port, too if needed.

> > If the patch is not developed further, it should be not too difficult
> > for me to adapt it against changes in 2.6; it has been rather hard to
> > tell the changes in functionality from the changes in the Squid code
> > base.
> What do you think about squid3? In the past many OS distributions
> included squid3 (with the notice that it is pre-release).
> It has a good icap client, with support for ftp protocol and supports
> preview in request modification (squid2-icap does not).
> I think that the new pre-release will take less than a month to released.

I'd love to but I cannot easily distribute development snapshots
via FreeBSD ports; since FreeBSD ports is a framework for "build it
yourself" I need a tarball that is longer online than one day so users
can actually fetch it (no, hosting snapshots myself is not an option).
I considered to chase Squid-3-PRE but since the interval between PRE
releases is a bit long for a software in development, users would be
permanently stuck with way outdated software and consistently be told
to update when they report errors. If known good PRE-snapshots were
released on a more regular time frame -- say once a month -- and be kept
on the FTP/HTTP mirrors for some time I'd love to make them available
for FreeBSD ports. An example of how this can work out is the FLTK
project: they cut snapshots once a week (which may be broken, but this
is probably intended to discipline the project participants) and keep
old snapshots around for around three months. This allows me to easily
make the development version of FLTK 2.0 available for FreeBSD port
users by updating the port to the latest snapshot once a month.
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