Re: Squid 3 download page stuck

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 12:58:58 +0200

sön 2007-05-13 klockan 10:39 +0200 skrev Guido Serassio:

> The Squid 3 download page is stuck at 9 May, may be related to PRE6 release.

Checking... yes. The -CVS part of the version tag should not be removed.
It's removed automatically by the mkrelease script. It's there so we
know when people use the CVS version.. Fixed.

AC_INIT version usage:

Released tarballs: Without -CVS
Snapshots: version-date
CVS: version-CVS (always)

Also, it seems the release has been tagged but not released. Duane?

it's as simple as

  /path/to/squid-3/ 3.0.PRE6 /path/to/

Now done, but I have not updated the web pages, or copied the files to
the FTP area.


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