Re: Contribution to Squid development.

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 17:14:28 +0200

Hi Pierangelo,

At 15.24 05/09/2007, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>Adrian Chadd wrote:
>>We'd be glad for any and all help you're able to provide!
>Thanks for the warm welcome. I've started reviewing the LDAP-aware
>helper programs to make them use a unified library, since they
>currently duplicate lost of code. After this, they will all benefit
>of common enhancements.
>Right now, I've added detection of some LDAP related functions in
>; a lib/ldaputil.c file that gets built into Squid's
>miscutil library, a include/ldaputil.h header to be shared among
>helpers. Please let me know if this makes any sense, or better
>naming/location should be used.
>Among the enhancements I plan to work at I see:
>- support for SASL bind, if provided by the underlying
>libldap. This would allow, for example, password-less binding using
>SASL EXTERNAL based on IPC (ldapi:// URL, inheriting the credentials
>from the user the helper is running as).
>- support for password policy (draft-behera-ldap-password-policy;
>mainly in squid_ldap_auth); this means that the related control can
>be added to LDAP bind (and compare) requests and, in case of failure
>because of password policy (like the account is locked, or so) the
>failure notification can be augmented by appropriate logging. How
>this is supposed to be dealt with by Squid it is yet to be decided;
>right now, what I consider is to append the error message to the
>"ERR" string that's returned by the helper. The draft also
>discusses returning informative messages e.g. for approaching
>expiration or for being in a grace period. This could also be worth logging.
>- support for proxy authorization (RFC 4370); this would be mostly
>useful when passwdattr is defined in squid_ldap_auth; in this case,
>when performing an LDAPCompare, one could require the operation,
>which is performed on a connection bound as the binddn identity, be
>actually performed after authorizing as the user's identity. In
>squid_ldap_group it could allow to access the group entry with the
>user's identity.
>- support for session tracking (draft-wahl-ldap-session). This, if
>considered useful, will require some changes to the way
>squid_ldap_auth, squid_ldap_group and any other helper are used,
>since for each request it will need to know the IP, the host and any
>user-related string Squid is willing to pass to the DSA. In this
>case I think we'll need to discuss if it is worth, and how this
>information can be best passed. The rationale consists in letting
>the DSA know, for purely informative reasons, where and who
>originated an LDAP operation that is run by a middleware client (in
>this case, Squid) with a generic identity. This can be quite
>important when tracking operations in very complex
>deployments. OpenLDAP supports this draft in 2.4; when the control
>is present, the related information is shown in logs, and forwarded
>to chained DSAs.
>I'm working at a relatively slow pace, so don't expect anything to
>be ready within days. If you want to check the progress, I can
>regularly post patches to current HEAD (squid3) code.

Welcome on board, is pleasure to find another italian developer ... :-)

Just a recommendation: don't forget the portability in your work.
All the LDAP helpers currently can be compiled on Windows using the
native Windows LDAP support and many times on some Unix platforms
(Irix, Tru64, Solaris) a recent binary version of OpenLDAP is
difficult to find, so any platform diversity should be handled at
configure time



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