Re: Contribution to Squid development.

From: Pierangelo Masarati <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 21:25:49 +0200

Guido Serassio wrote:

>> I might have problems testing on diverse architectures, so I'd
>> probably need someone else to check portability (especially with
>> Windows native LDAP).
> On the Windows side, build Squid is very easy: just grub the latest
> MinGW+MSYS developing environment according to the MinGW section of
> On the Unix side, currently I have the access to Irix, Tru64 and Solaris
> boxes for build testing. If you need, I could define an account for LDAP
> tests.

I'll note that OpenLDAP also builds with MinGW/MSYS.

Anyway, for the braves, see

Everything has been moved to libmiscutil, and squid_ldap_auth has been
reworked to exploit it. The rationale is that common data is now placed
in a global structure, and helper functions rely on finding it there.
This design is far from ideal, but helpers are only supposed as "one
shot" and single-threaded, so it's not really an issue. If this does
not sound elegant, helper functions could be passed a pointer to the
very same structure.

Among the promised new features, only SASL bind has been added and
(partially) tested (only EXTERNAL with ldapi:// right now; more will
follow). It either uses parameters passed by command-line or defaults
set via ldap.conf/ldaprc.

I'll keep working in the spare time.

Cheers, p.

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