Re: SBuf review at r9370

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 19:11:17 +1300

Kinkie wrote:
>> Um, IMO its better to be liberal with length() and very,very conservative
>> with len_.
> I think I reached a sensible compromise, however subjective.
> I ask you not to be too strict now, but to feel free to change it
> after the branch lands into trunk.
>> Dumping stuff and pointer maths particularly is one place its often
>> better/safer to use "const length() const" instead of len_, unless the math
>> is actually intended to change len_.
> Sure. I _think_ that the only leftover read-access to len_ is in
> dump() which prints the low-level details of the SBuf.
>>> now using xmin() and xmax() as per Amos' suggestion.
>> !! no 'x' :)
> Those are the only ones I could find in util.h...

Ah. The ones I'm on about are in compat through config.h

Thanks for the hint, looks like I'll have to kill the util versions in
my cleanup.


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