I got some problems too... and what about the FAQ, anyway? ;)

From: Andrew V. Stesin <stesin@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 23:02:25 +0300 (EET DST)

Hi all once again,

# Hi Andrew:
# Thanks a lot for your answer!

        For a pity, I hadn't much to tell you. I hope people on the list
        will tell us more. :-)

        BTW I got some annoying thing myself too. I turned on
        logfile rotation via "newsyslog" facility, and after
        sending a SIGHUP to Squid after rotation was done,
        I got some info written to cache.log file only;
        other ones are left untouched, just forgotten at all...
        Nothing added to access.log or hierarchy.log -- plain nothing.

        And I need to debug some problems with "truncated file"
        transfers reported by the people; now I have nothing
        to explore! 8-)

        (People, what are the requirements to become a FAQ maintainer?
        What format is planned for the FAQ list on Squid?
        Any work already done?
        If nobody has a desire, should I try?)

# How can I subscribe to the squid list ? I saw an adress at the URL. I
# sent an e-mail to that, but no response.

        squid-users-request@nlanr.net worked for me (don't know
        was it automated or not?) I'm Cc:-ing this reply to the list,
        as you can see; it _is_ functional.

# My idea is to run an accelarator for my dial-in clients. I have my own web

        That's a straight caching proxy mode, not an accelerator, I think.

# server, but now it's lightly loaded. I have two separate boxes: one for
# authentication and one for the web server. My idea is to run the cache at that
# authentication machine. Do you think is better to run as a proxy ?

        Yes, I'm pretty sure it is.

# thanks!
# Helio.

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