Re: I got some problems too... and what about the FAQ, anyway? ;)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 22:49:26 +0200

> BTW I got some annoying thing myself too. I turned on
> logfile rotation via "newsyslog" facility, and after
> sending a SIGHUP to Squid after rotation was done,
> I got some info written to cache.log file only;
> other ones are left untouched, just forgotten at all...
> Nothing added to access.log or hierarchy.log -- plain nothing.

Logfile rotation is now done with SIGUSR1. SIGHUP only rereads the
configuration file. This was poorly documented in earlier betas (only
mentioned in the ChangeLog) but in the current beta the comment
in squid.conf is updated :-)

> And I need to debug some problems with "truncated file"
> transfers reported by the people; now I have nothing
> to explore! 8-)

Then you want to increase some debug levels.. icp, http
should be the only interesting parts.
debug_options 12,4 11,4 ALL,2

> (People, what are the requirements to become a FAQ maintainer?
> What format is planned for the FAQ list on Squid?
> Any work already done?
> If nobody has a desire, should I try?)

Any contributions to the documentation in any form is welcome
(and highly needed).

Henrik Nordström
Received on Mon May 27 1996 - 13:49:14 MDT

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