Add a config value: Where the obj log files are written

From: Benoit Grange <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 10:24:47 +0200

I have been hit by a "disk full" during cache operation
and ran into problems because:

1) The disk partition was full
2) Squid crashed (I sent the bug report) but this is not related
3) Squid started to build a 'log_clean'

    sprintf(tmp_filename, "%s/log_clean", swappath(0));
    if ((fp = fopen(tmp_filename, "a+")) == NULL) {

   but the partition was full. Squid DID NOT notice it

4) And then squid quietly renamed the *EMPTY* "log_clean" file
   in "log". The cache contents was lost.


1) Please check the writes into the 'log_clean'
2) Can you add a configuration value into squid to specify where the
   object log files should be written.

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