hierachy_stoplist and single parent (fix) (fwd)

From: Peter Childs <pjchilds@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 02:01:11 +0930 (CST)

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  Well i've done some hack changes that I want to run by
  everyone... I understand I'm using beta11 still but
  this shouldn't have changed that much (cross fingers...)

  Situation: we *must* use a parent cache for all web
  proxying, but any ftp proxying attempts are accepted but
  the proxy gives a "go away" message (but doesn't return
  any HTTP errors...)

  I modified proto.c in fuction protoDispatch(fd, url, entry, request)

   if(!protoData->inside_firewall) {


   if(!protoData->inside_firewall && request->protocol != PROTO_FTP) {

  so it will only execute the following code *if* the host is outside
  the "firewall", which it is most of the time... and *if* the
  protocol isn't ftp.

  Next I modified icp.c in the icpHierachical(icpState) function
  (return true if we can query our neighbours for this object)

   if (req->protocol == PROTO_FTP)
     return ftpCacheable(request);

     return 0;

  I was pretty sure about the first change.. but not so sure about
  the second... I did some testing watching the hierachy.log and
  it works just fine... so cross fingers and we should be
  cooking with gas :)

  If anyone can see any _really_ major problem with any of these
  just scream... :)


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