Re: Newbie questions

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 96 15:18:25 -0700 writes:

>How can I define parents and neighbors when the machine running squid
>is hooked up to Internet only few hours a day? Squid seems to try to
>contact parents and neighbors at startup and if it can't find them, it
>say that it will ignore them.
>There is a "-D" switch to disable the DNS test at startup. Is there
>any switch to disable parent and neighbor check at startup?
>If squid says that it will ignore a parents and neighbors, will it ask
>them if the net is available?
>I could of course send SIGHUP to make squid to reread squid.conf after
>the machine is on the Internet, but it seems to be much nicer to start
>squid with an additional flag rather than sending a signal.

I think you should add your neighbors names and addresses to your local
"/etc/hosts" file so they can be looked-up without querying the net.

Duane W.
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