file size missmatch from neighbor..

From: <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 13:07:52 +0800 (CST)


    Recently I got some complaint from some of my users. They said that they
    are so happy with the proxy cache, except sometime they can't get some
    file properly even they did reload several times.
    I tried to find out what had happenned and finally, I found it.
    I have several neighbors for my Squid. When I load some files (especially
    BIG files) in netscape, I notice that it is fast. So I check the cache
    log, not in my cache but it load it from one of my neighbor (found it
    from hierarchy.log). I set proxy-only for all of my neighbor. So, the
    problem is, the file is corrupt in my neighbor but my neighbor didn't
    notice it. So, no matter I reload the file how many times, my neighbor
    always send me the corrupt file. So, it is possible to send a request
    to neighbor and ask something like "hey, check out the filesize, if you
    have corrupt file, please don't send it to me."

    Some information:

    I am running Squid beta17 on Solaris 2.5, and my neighbor is using
    Harvest 1.4pl3. So, who should it blames to? Squid or Harvest ?

    Yet, another question. I have another nieghbor running Harvest 2.0pl0
    It is so strange that I always get UDP_MISS from that neighbor. So,
    I check out the log file in that machine. Found that those host who
    uses Squid will always got UDP_MISS from it but for host who uses Harvest,
    they are okay to get some UDP_HIT. So, it that means Squid can't talk
    to Harvest 2.0 properly because they use a little different protocol ?
    BTW, Squid is happy together with Harvest 1.X except the problem I
    mentioned above.

Alex Lau
Received on Wed Jun 19 1996 - 22:08:46 MDT

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