Re: To parent or not to parent...

From: Markus Stumpf <>
Date: 22 Jun 1996 14:48:42 GMT

danny@miriworld.its.unimelb.EDU.AU (Daniel O'Callaghan) writes:
>Many (most) of the requests which result in an uncacheable response can be
>determined from the request itself - POST, GET with a '?', anything with
>cgi-bin, imagemaps, ssl etc.

I dont't know if I exactly understand what u mean.
There is a feature (at least in 1.0pl17) which is called "hierarchy_stop".
I have put a line:

hierarchy_stop ?

into the squid.conf and it prevents it from asking neighbors and parents
and directly connects to the origin site.

However there is a bug in the code. I have reported it and it should be
fixed in pl18 I hope.
The fix is easy. the "for-loop" from the end of the function has to
be moved to the beginning of the function. I currently have no access
to the code an I can't remember the name of the function. However it's
in icp.c. Look out for "hierarchy".


 Markus Stumpf      
Received on Sat Jun 22 1996 - 07:50:16 MDT

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