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From: Alan Cox <A.Cox@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 17:25:15 +0100

I've had squid 1.0.beta17 running for a few days now and have a couple of
questions people might be able to help me with. This is my first experience
of squid (or harvest).

ftpget seems to assume that a user is not permitted to navigate the
remote file-system any higher than the directory corresponding to


i.e. connect to that URL and you don't get a link to the parent directory.

Such a link only appears if you go to ftp://host/subdir/

It is arguable that this is reasonable behaviour if one is connecting
to an anonymous ftp server; the login directory is usually the top of
the tree that you are allowed to roam .... but if I connect to my Unix
system -


there are times when I want to go up from my home directory. ftpget
doesn't seem to admit that this is possible.



does take me to the parent of my home directory but then the links returned
by ftpget are wrong - generated with respect to my home directory rather
than the current directory.

This looks like a design flaw to me. Yes?

Alan Cox
NERC Computer Services
Natural Environment Research Council
Received on Thu Jun 27 1996 - 09:24:59 MDT

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