Re: hostnames in log?

From: Neil Murray <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 11:54:45 +1000

Anthony Rumble wrote:
- > Graeme Merral wrote:
- > Been using Squid b7 on a trial basis and I'm wondering if there
- is a code
- > hack to get hostnames into our access log rather than the IP no's.

- Yes.. This would be a nice feature..
- There could possible be performance problems with doing a DNS lookup
- for each one..

- Anthony Rumble - aka SmilieZ

        I would suggest a separate post processing program that takes the access log
files and writes a new file with the IP addresses changed to hostnames via
DNS lookups. No need to change squid at all. If you use code similar to
squid's IP address cache the load to the net should quite low.

        This saves any problems with performance degradation to squid by adding such
a feature.

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