Re: hostnames in log?

From: Anthony Rumble <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 00:27:02 +3400 (EST)

> Been using Squid b7 on a trial basis and I'm wondering if there
is a code
> hack to get hostnames into our access log rather than the IP no's. We're
> only allowing access from a limited range of IP's for our downstream
> sites.
> We do a lot of cache logfile processing from our exising CERN files for
> billing reasons and hostnames would be nice...
> i.e foo (not instead of

Yes.. This would be a nice feature..

There could possible be performance problems with doing a DNS lookup
for each one..
is it possible to do something like what APACHE does?
You can configure the level of DNS.. if it doesn't get a responce
in a certain period.. it just emits the IP address..

Or.. even just lookup ips in /etc/host or something would
be nice..

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