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From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 96 12:13:16 -0700 writes:

>In my last msg I said I had a couple of problems but described
>only one. This is the other ...
>One of the parents for this cache has been refusing connections today
>(example cache.log entry below). When this happens squid returns an
>error message to the client saying that connection was refused and advises
>trying again later. Wouldn't it be sensible for squid to try one of the
>other parents/neighbours? Can anyone tell me why it doesn't? What's the
>logic I'm failing to see?
>[27/Jun/1996:10:52:25 +0100] comm.c:379: connect: (
61) Connection refused.

The short answer is that it hasn't been designed that way. The cache
makes a choice about where to fetch an object. It tries that one
place (neighbor or source) and gives you the result. I'm sure that
in the next major version we can be more persistent about getting
the object.

Duane W.
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