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From: Duncan McNutt <Duncan.McNutt@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 10:06:46 +-200


1) According to Duane (thanks for the Info by the way), one canīt have a hierarchy of proxies for secure sockets (e.g.: https). My present work-around is that the clients are configured to use the main firewall proxy for such connections. Unfortunately I have 36000 clients and not all of them use Netscape and my automatic proxy configuration... which leads to much confusion.

Any chance that this will be possible by version 1.0?

2) If you have two parents, one is a squid proxy and the other is a non ICP capable proxy (e.g.: Netscape, CERN) then the child proxies will only try getting documents from the ICS capable (squid) proxy. At least that's my experience after much fiddeling.

In my case this means that the child proxies only get stuff from a 128 KBit link (via squid) instead of a 2 MBit link (via Netscape) . Any way of getting squid to get stuff from both parents?

My present work-around is not to use the squid (128 KBit Link) proxy as a parent. Though I might try setting that one up as a neigbor...

3)For various nefarious reasons I need to know how many bytes are requested by a client. However access.log only gives me the client-IP and the URL (two thirds of the information I need).

Example: - - [02/Jul/1996:08:59:20 +0200] "ICP_QUERY http://www.sz-sb.de/TGS/logos/aktuell.gif" UDP_MISS 62

Is there any way for me to get at that information (log file format change or something)??

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