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From: Duncan McNutt <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 11:33:24 +-200


thanks for the fast response.

>> 2) If you have two parents, one is a squid proxy and the other is a non ICP capable proxy (e.g.: Netscape, CERN) then the child proxies will only try getting documents from the ICS capable (squid) proxy. At least that's my experience after much fiddeling.
>> In my case this means that the child proxies only get stuff from a 128 KBit link (via squid) instead of a 2 MBit link (via Netscape) . Any way of getting squid to get stuff from both parents?

>Have you tried to assign wheight to you parents, giving your "larger" parent
>a higher priority? And is your non ICP parent responding on UPD ECHO?

Yes to both questions.

Assigning a higher priority to the non-squid cache still results in squid getting it from the ICP capable cache even if that one returns a negative answer (e.g.. external line down). We tested this by setting up the squid cache to not answer our query, the child cache would then always return "access denied" instead of going to the other parent. I assume that squid does not continue checking parents once an error condition has been encountered (Duane mentioned this was on the to-do list I believe).

The non ICP capable cache has the echo port enabled.

Changing the order of the entries in the configure file doesn't help.

When the ICP capable cache is running I noticed that _all_ accesses were done via that cache (access.log). Which leads me to the assumption that the non-ICP cache is not being queried at all after the first connection to the ICP capable cache.

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