Problem with old pages

From: Guenther Fischer <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 11:57:58 +0200

in Germany some sides have problems with old pages in cache. One
problem is - you can kill such a pages from your cache and you will
get it again from your neighbor.

I've looked for such pages and have found, that they come with ugly
headers: one from withe no Last-Modified or expired in
it. This was a beta release of a server at 11.06.96.

Now my questions about TTL's:

As I understand: If a header has no LM we take a TTL from config
like this:
http 8 4320
or if
ttl_pattern match
ttl_pattern ^http:// 10080 20% 43200

Here it would be a pattern match and we take 10080 (1W).

Second: If I get the page from my neighbor, does my squid give a new
TTL from scratch or does he see the remaining TTL from the neigbor?
If not and I think it is the reality - 2 neighbors could produce a ever
living page.

        ~Guenther Fischer

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