Re: Problem with old pages

From: Guenther Fischer <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996 10:52:32 +0200

Hi Duane,

 Wessels wrote:

> You are absolutely right, this is a serious bug. I'm embarassed that
> I didn't think of it before.
> Well, there's a few ways we can fix this.
> 1. Never cache any objects with no Last-Modified or Expires.
> You can already do this in your config. We could also make it the
> default behaviour.
I think you can do that with:
ttl_pattern ^http:// 0 20% 43200
Without LM I would take 0 as the TTL ... right?

> 2. Never cache any objects from siblings (and parents?) with no
> Last-Modified or Expires.
Yes - this would help. We also could take the Date: (if any) and
calculate the time from now to date in relation to the defined TTL -
if not 0 offcourse.
One of the silly pages from netscape had have no LM and no date ->
never cache such pages.

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