Solution: Squid v1.0.1 and late betas under OSF/1

From: Craig Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 15:41:08 +0000

Thanks for the few suggestions regarding the name resolution under OSF/1,
I'd found the solution by the time they arrived ;-)

The problem occured in dnsserver.c where a comparison is made regarding the
outcome of inet_addr(request), originally this return was compared to -1,
resulting in the correct outcome. In later beta's (12 onwards?) and release
versions this has been changed to INADDR_NONE, the problem seems to be that
on some releases of OSF/1 (v3.2a at least), the inet_addr() call returns an
unsigned long, whilst an unsigned int is expected on most other versions
and platforms.

I've swapped the comparison for the moment, but it looks like the 64bit
problems strike again ... an upgrade to v4.0 is due soon anyway, but just
in case it bites anyone else!

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