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From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 96 16:23:34 -0700 writes:

>On Jul 17, 17:49, Duane Wessels wrote:
>> Subject: Re: GC control
>> You have 'clean_rate' set in the config file? You should not need to
>> set it, since squid will do garbage collection a little bit at a time.
>> It goes through one of 7900 buckets in the hash table every 10 seconds,
>> which means it goes through the whole cache about every 22 hours.
>No, I left it commented out, and the config file says it is disabled by
>default. The GC always takes place because the upper limit of the disk
>space allowance is reached.

You said that GC seems to take two hours or so? What do you have

For you, low should probably be 90 and high 95. The defaults, or
config files from earlier versions might be set inappropriately.

>Is it true that a GC triggered by 'clean_rate' disables any traffic
>through the proxy at all while it's going on? That's how I've interpreted
>the text in the config file that explains 'clean_rate', and it's why I

The garbage collection triggered by the 'clean_rate' *does* do that, yes.
It is done by the routine storePurgeOld().

But the garbage collection which occurs every ten seconds (by the routine
storeGetSwapSpace()) only traverses one of 7900 buckets. So, in other words,
it cleans out one bucket, waits 10 seconds, cleans out another bucket etc, until
the swap space is below the low mark (e.g. 90% recommended above).

>haven't activated it yet. If it's possible to use that option to trigger
>a GC every other night then I'll use that. Only I don't see how to make
>sure it's going to happen at night...

Ok, I'll see what can be done for version 1.1.

Duane W.
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