TCP Hit size 0

From: Ken Kirkby <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 96 11:09:26 GMT

We are running Squid on our MODCOMP 88K based machine with MODCOMPS Realix, a
Realtime Unix, Rev F.0 which is POSIX certified. We are presently running 1.0.3
of Squid.

From time to time Netscape will return 'Document contains no Data' on a
previously cached object. Persual of the logs shows a TCP_HIT but with a size
of 0. Pressing reload will (sometimes after several tries) will return the
item, with a TCP_HIT of the correct size.

I've concentrated on looking at debugs in comm.c but havent picked anything up
so far. Could someone give me some hints where to probe further.

Regards Ken Kirkby
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